Is there a special mum in your life? Perhaps it’s your own mum, your partner or a friend who is pulling out all of the stops to be everything to everyone. Most of us can name at least one super-mum. Would you believe that it has been estimated that mums get just 17 minutes or less to themselves every day? What better way to show them how much you appreciate everything that they do by making them an appointment in the best hair salon in Bristol.

Self-care has been shown to be increasingly important to support the emotional well-being of mums and since it is often mums who hold the family together, it’s in everybody’s interest to keep her happy!

Imagine her face when you reveal that she will be having some time alone, being pampered with no kids! You could even indulge her with one of our luxury hair or scalp treatments to complement her appointment. Mums can often feel like a little part of their identity gets lost at some point after having a baby. They prioritise everyone and everything except themselves. Turn their world upside down by booking one of our talented stylists in our luxury Clifton hair studio to pull out all of the stops to make her reconnect with what a wonderful woman she is.

‘Mum hair’ might have had a slating in the press last year but the expertise of our stylists will be able to advise on the perfect style and hair care regime which will allow her to keep the salon-fresh feeling right through until her next visit. Whether the mum in your life would jump at the chance to restyle herself or would most like to relax and indulge, rest assured she will leave Bonomini relaxed and rejuvenated having indulged in the best type of ‘me time’ that’s on offer.