Winter’s tough conditions put added stress onto your hair. So how can you keep your tresses looking shiny and beautiful? These 6 hair care tips will set you up for crowning glory during the cold months ahead!

1. Cover up!

Hair soon starts to become dry and damaged from harsh weather, so cover it up with a hat. To avoid the dread ‘hat hair’ syndrome, cover your tresses with a silk scarf before tucking them into a hat of your choice. This reduces static and damages from fabric fibres.

2. Use a protein-based deep conditioning treatment

Treat once a week to lock moisture back into the cuticles and to provide vital keratin to the hair’s structure. This will prevent breakage and nourish each strand for a healthy, bouncy appearance. Try a couple of drops of argan oil onto your ends before you blow-dry too.

3. Minimise hair washing to just 2-3 times weekly

This cuts down on hair friction, stress and breakage overall. It also prevents your hair from drying out.

4. See your hairdresser regularly!

A trim every six to eight weeks will keep your hair in optimum condition and allow your hairdresser to pick up on any potential issues early on.

5. Eat well

Include plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals in a wholefood diet and drink plenty of water for elasticity and to keep your scalp healthy.

6. Invest in a humidifier for your home

If you have the heating on regularly, a humidifier will prevent the atmosphere from becoming too dry. This will prevent dryness and split ends from occurring. Alternatively, a bowl of water above the radiator will have the same effect. Why not spray leave-in conditioner onto your hair when you are at home as the warmth will help it to penetrate and have an even more beneficial effect?

With these 6 hair care tips in place, you can care for your hair this winter and keep it looking great! Call into our hair salon in Bristol for more help on retaining that shine throughout the colder months.